North Cyprus  


On 27 July, 1974 the Turkish Cypriot Postal Administration requested new postmarks for 146 villages from PTT of Turkey. The Turkish Republic Post Office agreed to make the new hand stamps in their workshops as a gift to Turkish Cypriot Postal Administration.

The new hand stamps were the type used in Turkey dated in Arabic and Roman numerals. The Director of Posts Mr Hasan Fedai, and his assistant Mr Aysel Erduran, went from village to village teaching the agents how to use the new head stamps. The issue of the new head stamps was very well organised with advance publicity. Also to lessen the burden, both of collectors and on the administration, it was decided that the postmarks would be issued in three stages, Lefkosa (Nicosia) district was issued on 1 August, Magusa (Famagusta) district on 8 August, and Kyrenia (Girne) district on 15 August.

Two villages in Famagusta and some villages in Kyrenia were shown as being under Nicosia, and two villages of Nicosia have been shown under Lefke. Apparently this indicates the destination of the village post not the administration district. In Famagusta, half of the villages were shown as Magusa, and the other half as Gazi Magusa, a title conferred on the town in recognition of the bravery of its inhabitants during the 1974 war.

However, it seems that some of the head stamps were prepared before the honour had been bestowed on the town. The village of Pile (Pyla) is unique; this village has two head stamps and two agencies, each controlled by their own administration (Greek and Turkish).

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