North Cyprus  

A NEW ERA  (1974 and ONWARDS)

The EOKA-B coup, which temporarily deposed the administration of Archbishop Makarios, broke out on 15 July, 1974. After frantic diplomatic action between the three guarantor powers (Britain, Greece and Turkey), Turkey intervened on 20 July by landing troops from the sea at Kyrenia and parachute forces throughout the northern Nicosia plain. 

Eventually the island was divided by the so-called Green line and new post offices appeared throughout the Turkish Cypriot Northern Cyprus, at Guzelyurt (Morphou), Lefkonuk (Lefkonico), Kyrenia (Girne), Lapta (Laphitos), Iskele (Trikomo), Yenisehir-Nicosia (Nicosia BO 4), and Degirmenlik (Kythrea). 

At the same time, the offices at Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos were closed by the Greek Cypriot administration who had taken over the Turkish Cypriot quarters in these towns.


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