North Cyprus  

POSTAL SERVICES (8 April, 1970 - 20 July, 1974)

By April 1970 two parallel postal administrations existed side by side. Therefore, Cypriot Philatelists were not surprised when on 8 April, 1970 the Turkish Cypriot Postal Administration issued two stamps for internal use. 

The currency, although in mils, was shown in petals and each petal equalling one mil. These stamps were cancelled by a line canceller generally in black ink, sometimes in blue, with the date stamp of the post office applied clear of the stamps. 

On 29 October, 1973 the administration released seven values to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. Along with the new stamps, new postmarks were introduced in Turkish. 

The cancellations are the type normally used in Turkey, a single ring date stamp with date / time group in a straight line across the centre. The office name at the top and the code letter at the base. 

To enjoy a very limited postal communication with the outside world, the Turkish-Cypriots had to follow the Greek Cypriot regulations and handle mail in the usual way, but within their sealed off communities, the local post operated, covering the whole island except for Turkish Cypriot villages which were isolated within the areas of Greek Cypriot control


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