North Cyprus  


Peace did not come to the island with the independence, in 1960, from Britain. Fighting between two communities broke out in December 1963 and, within months, a de facto separation of the two peoples had emerged with the Turkish-Cypriots concentrated in a number of enclaves scattered throughout the island.

The simplest way to study the resultant Turkish-Cypriot postal services is to examine them stage by stage. The postal services were commenced on the morning of 6 January 1964. Post Offices in the Turkish sectors of Famagusta, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos, Kyrenia and Lefke were opened on the same date, although there was little postal activity in and around Nicosia. The Turkish-Cypriot Administration introduced a handstamp on the same date to cancel ordinary Cyprus adhesive stamps with the words "Kibris Turks Postalari" (Turkish Cypriot Postal Services).

As the bulk of the Republic's stocks of stamps were held in Ataturk Square post office there was no lack of supplies. The handstamp had a fixed commemorative date 6.1.64 at the base of the design. The Administra- tion also introduced a second type, which had a star in place of the date. Although the same types of handstamp were used in all areas, they are distinguishable due to their having been handmade; the imperfections identify the towns where each was made. 

Table below shows Kibris Turk Postalari cancellations that have been definitely identified.

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