Turkish-Cypriot Literature
North Cyprus  

Nazım Beratlı

  Nazim BeratliBeratlı, born in 1952 in Lefke, is a medical doctor, journalist, author and an established researcher and authority on Turkish-Cypriot history.

He has published widely, and wrote in Turkish-Cypriot newspapers and journals such as Kibris ve Genclik, Ilerici Yurtsever Genclik, Polotika, Kibris Postasi, Yenidüzen, Yenigün and Yeni Demokrat.

His first book 'Kibris'ta Ulusal Sorun' (The Cyprus: The National Problem), published in 1991 talked mainly on the internal disputes and discussions in the Cumhuriyetci Türk Partisi (the main opposition political party) of which he was a prominent member which led to his estrangement from his party.

His most important contribution to the Turkish Cypriot literature comes in the form of four volume 'Kibrisli Türklerin Tarihi' (History of the Turkish-Cypriots) which was an instant bestseller in Cyprus and continues to remain in the top of the book lists.



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