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Acar Akalin
Acar Akalin Singer and composer. Born in Nicosia in 1958, Acar Akalin first started music at a young age. After finishing his secondary education, he went to Ankara, Turkey for his higher education. He later went to London, where he formally started his music career when he founded, together with three other Turkish-Cypriot musicians, the Kibris Dortlusu (the Cypriot Quartet).

The music of the group was more a popular music with a sythesis of Cypriot and Mediterranean melodies. During this time Akalin composed his first music, "Hereyin yalan" which became an instant success in North Cyprus. After the groups success, Kibris Dortlusu released their first LP, which contained among others, Akalin's "Herseyin Yalan", and "Hayalin".

Upon returning to the island, Akalin met and started working with lyricist and musician Ahmet Okan whose many poems Akalin composed. But by this time the group Kibris Dortlusu disintegrated, and Acar Akalin concentrated on working as a solo artist. With Ahmet Okan, he made "A Dostlar", "Guzel Gunler" and "Adali" which became hits in North Cyprus.

Acar Akalin and Ahmet Okan performing together at a concert
Acar Akalin performing together at a concert with Ahmet Okan

During 1984-1985, Acar Akalin headed the Association of Contemporary Musicians. In 1988, he released his first casette "Yediveren Dusleri..." with Ahmet Okan. This new casette included the songs: "Guzel Gunler", "Neden Amcalar?", "Merdiven", "Sarkilarin Yerinde", "Tutmusum Ellerini", "Bilgisayar Sevgilim", "Kenar Mahallelerde", "Yapayalnizdik", "Maria Luisa" and "Olumu Hatirlatma Partisi".

In 1989, he released his second and most successful solo casette "Adali". For "Adali" he worked with professional musicians in Turkey, such as Oguz Abadan, Uzay Hepari, Okay Temiz and Erdem Sokmen. In this new casette, Akalin inculded compositions of Ahmet Okan's most famous poems "Adaliyiz Maviye" and "Masmavi". The other songs were: "Olur mu boyle?", "Nerede O Eski Taverna?", "Ben Anlamam", "Damla Damla", "Goz Cicegi", "Fotograflar" as well as one of his earlier hits "A Dostlar".

Acar Akalin's latest release came in October 1990 with the casette "Cilingir Sofrasi" which included his songs: "Tasi Beni", "Raki Sisesindeki Balik", "Cilgin Gun", "Fena Cocuk", "Say Demeyin", "Sen Yoksun", "Cilingir Sofrasi", "Yalnizlik", "Bidanem I", "Bidanem II", "Olmaz" and "Hatam misin?".