North Cyprus  

 Palazzo del Proveditore  (The Royal Palace)

It was originally the Royal Palace of the Lusignans, built in the 13th century, just opposite the St. Nicholas Cathedral (now Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque). 

It was in this palace that the Kings and Queens of Cyprus were crowned until the reign of' Peter II in 1369. As it was ruined by an earthquake little now remains of this palace of the Lusignans. 

All that remains is the shell of the western portion of it, a large ''L'' shaped building of the early sixteenth century and its facade, a magnificent piece of architecture consisting of three arches supported by four grand columns brought from Salamis. Over the central arch stands the coat-of-arms of Giovanni Renier, Captain of Cyprus in 1552.

Audience at Concert in the Namik Kemal Square in front of the old Lusignan Royal Palace 

Beyond and inside the courtyard are numerous cannon balls and pieces of a large granite column.

After the Ottoman conquest in 1571, the Palace was used as a prison. Among the prisoners was Namik Kemal, the Shakespeare of the Turkish literature, who was held there between 1873 and 1876, having been exiled to Cyprus after criticising the Sultan. Next to the Namik Kemal prison is a museum about him and his works. There is a bronze bust of the poet facing the square, by the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque.

The Palace Through Time