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Education System in North Cyprus

Gazi Primary School in Famagusta is one of the oldest schools in N.Cyprus

Gazi Primary School in Famagusta is the city's oldest school still in service
The educational system in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (T.R.N.C.) can be broadly defined in five parts.

Pre-school education, primary education and secondary education, higher education, and informal education.

I. Pre-School Education
   Pre-school education is provided by kindergatens and creches for
   the children between the ages of 4 and 6

II. Primary Education:
   Primary education is provided at two stages. First stage
   (elementary school) is designed for the 7-12 age-group which
   lasts for five years and is free and compulsory. Second stage
   (secondary-junior) lasting for three years is intended for the
   13-15 age group which is again free and compulsory.

III. Secondary Education:
   It is designed for the 16-18 age-group and has a three year
   programme of instruction. It is provided by high schools known
   as Lyceés and vocational schools. The technical and vocational 
   schools are comprised of commercial lyceés, technical training
   schools, agricultural vocational school, the school of nursing and 
   mid-wifery, and the tourism and hotel management and catering

IV. Higher Education:
   In Northern Cyprus, the university education is provided by the
   following institutions:

V. Informal Education:
   Informal education aims at providing education and training for
   those unable to benefit adequately from formal education.

The Structure of Present Education System in Northern Cyprus
The Structure of Present Education System 

in Northern Cyprus

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