North Cyprus  

The Islanders... 
  CyprusTo be a child and an islander in the Mediterranean is to be a sunshine child. To shine, to radiate joy, to inhale the fragrance of jasmine on warm summer evenings...

The children of this island, whether you met them in a winding Nicosia street or among the shrubs of an open field  will strike you with the freshness of a morning dew.

Watching them enjoy life in such idyllic settings ... you dream of your own happy childhood.. 

Sunshine Kids..


CyprusIt is the children which enjoy the gifts of being an islander, more than anybody else; be it in pursuit of a taste in orange grove or in pursuit of a fish at the sea side.

The children that grown breathing such intense aromas of flowers or salt cannot be happy elsewhere. 

Wherever they go, they are bound to return their island... Cyprus.








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