North Cyprus  

Dr. Niyazi Manyera (1911-1999)
  First Minister of Health of 1960 Republic of Cyprus  
  Dr Niyazi ManyeraThe first minister of health of the 1960 Republic of Cyprus. Dr. Manyera was born 1911 in Famagusta and died on 24 October 1999 at the age of 88 years on  in a London. After completing his high school studies, he studied medicine at the University of Istanbul which he finished in 1939. 

In 1948, Manyera was elected  Mayor of Famagusta. Apart from the activity in the City Council, he worked in the executive committee of the education commission of the Turkish-Cypriot schools and in the executive committee of the Cyprus-Turkish Dock Workers Union. With his many roles in the service of his community, Dr Manyera engaged himself in the social development of the Turkish-Cypriot community. 

After the declaration of independent Republic of Cyprus in 1960, Dr. Manyera held the position of the Minister of Health during the time of 1963-1974 in the administered zones of the Cyprus Turks. After the establishment of the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus in 1975, Dr. Manyera withdrew from the active politics.