North Cyprus  

Anglican Church in North Cyprus 

Kyrenia's St Andrews (Anglican) Church

Kyrenia's St Andrews (Anglican) Church

The Anglican Church of St Andrew's in Kyrenia is situated near the Police Station and services, conducted by a resident Licensed Clergyman, are held as follows:

Sunday: Holy Communion (said) 08.00, Morning Prayer with Communion 10.15

Thursday: Holy Communion (said) 09.30

All Christian communicants are welcome.

St Andrew's also has a Church Shop which is open on Wednesdays 10.00 am - Noon and Sundays after the 10.15 am service, where there are cards and souvenirs for sale and quality videos for hire. They also run an active ladies' group on Thursday mornings; details from the Church or the Vicar.

In Famagusta, Church Services are held in the Nestorian Church of St George of the Foreigners (the Eastern Mediterranean University's Cultural Centre) inside the Old City. Services take place every Sunday at 5.30 pm, with the Holy Communion Service on the first Sunday of every month.

  For more information on Anglican-Christian faith in North Cyprus, please contact: 

Reverend Tony Jeynes
c/o Diocesan Office, 
Nicosia, Cyprus 

or direct to:

P.O. Box 171 Kyrenia, Mersin 10 Turkey

Phone: +90 392 815 4329
Fax:     +90 392 815 4486
Email:   standrews at

Reader: Marion Stuart

Other Christian Faiths
  All Christian communicants are welcome at the St. Andrew's. 

There is also a Roman Catholic church in Kyrenia, situated on the right hand side of the road which lies at right angles to the Dome Hotel. Mass is celebrated at 12:00 noon on the first and third Sunday of every month.

The times and days of these services do change. Please see the notice in the Dome Hotel or the weekly English paper, Cyprus Today, published on Saturdays.