Turkish-Cypriot Literature
North Cyprus  

Filiz Nadöven  

Born in 1953, in Limassol, Cyprus and educated in Cyprus and Turkey.

She read Philosophy and graduated from the Faculty of Literature, University of Istanbul. She is a poet, playwright and a lecturer of Philosohy. Her poems have been published in various newspapers and magazines in Cyprus and Turkey.

Her first collection of poems `Sevgidendogma' [Born out of Love] (1987) was published in Cyprus. Here poems have been translated into Greek and English. Nadöven participated in in poetry readings in Cyprus, and the Cypriot Women's Poetry evenings organised in London in 1987.

In 1984, Nadöven was awarded the Second Prize in the Nicosia Council Playwriting Competition for her play `Kosede Durmak' [Standing Aside] which since then has been repeatedly performed by various theatre groups and published in a collection of plays, Oyunlar 84.



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