Turkish-Cypriot Literature
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Cumhur Deliceirmak


Cumhur DeliceirmakTurkish Cypriot sculptor, painter and poet. Born in Lefke in 1951, he studied at Lefkosa Erkek Lisesi, and Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts, where he majored in ceramics and painting.

During his secondary studies, he started the 'Çaba' student literary magazine. He also became active in the student movements of the 1970s and joined the the students' DGD, the `Revolutionary Youth Association'. After finishing his university education and returning to the island he became one the founding members of Cagdas Sanatcilar Dernegi, the Association of Contemporary Artists, as well as Görsel Sanatcilar Dernegi, the Association of Visual Artists. During this time he established his atelier and produced some important works of art.

Apart from his art work, Deliceirmak also wrote and continues to write art critics in the major North Cyprus dailies. Artist also has another side as a lyric poet. He wrote many poems in the style of Ahmed Arif, Nazim Hikmet and to a degree Ataol Behramoglu, from whom he was mostly influenced. Deliceirmak did not published his poetry in a book.

He received the Special Jury Award at the 1st Asia-Europe Biennale, in Istanbul. One of his poems is given below:

Adın Senin

Deli ırmaklar akar içimden
alnıma vurunca sesin

neden yasamak sorusuna

çileğin üstünde su

Sevmek ki
hızlı atlar koşusudur

at sürüyorum adına.


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