The Venetian Period in Cyprus 

Growth of Ottoman Power

Meanwhile the Ottoman power was extending in all directions. Constantinople had already fallen in 1453. Now the island of Rhodes, in 1522, was captured by the Turks after a gallant defence, and the Knights of Hospitallers left the island with all the honours of war. Finally, the Ottomans seized Egypt and Syria from the Mamelukes. 

Cyprus had, since the reign of King Janus, paid tribute to the sultan of Egypt, and now the Ottomans, by conquering Egypt, took over the suzerainty of Cyprus. From this time the Ottomans looked upon Cyprus as forming part of their empire, and this claim was tacitly admitted by the Venetians, who sent to Constantinople the annual tribute which had hitherto been paid to Cairo. 

Every extension of the Ottoman Empire made it more clear to Venice that she would have eventually to defend Cyprus by force of arms, and that the attack when it came, as they had seen in the case of Rhodes, would be a very serious affair. 

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Chronological History