North Cyprus  

Crocus Veneris [var. Cyprium] 
(Cyprus or Autumn Crocus)

CROCUS VENERIS - (Cyprus Autumn Crocus)
Perennial herb with a corm, in flower 4-8 cm high. Flowers 1-2, fragrant; six white segments, often with a violet stripe or feathering on the outside of the outer three. Leaves 3-4, equalling the flower in height, but occasionally with only the tips showing; up to 1 mm wide, bright dark green, with a narrow silvery median stripe on the upper surface.

Stony and grassy places in maquis or open conifer woods; 300-2,500 ft alt. Flowers November to January.

In Northern Cyprus frequent, on northern slopes of Kyrenia range, from Kornos peak to eastern end of range. Not occuring on the mainland.

From: Hallliday, S., & Lushington, L., (1988), Flowers of Northern
         Cyprus, Angus Hudson Ltd, London.

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