North Cyprus  

  Ümit Inatçi
ü m i t   i n a t ç i Born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1960, Ümit İnatçı's artistic talents was first discovered at school by his arts teacher, painter Ali Atakan.

In 1978, he went to London for his higher education in arts, which landed him in Italy. In 1984, he finished the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts.

The artist won many awards and praises for his painting, photography and graphics design works. İnatçı also participated in many exhibitions in Cyprus, United Kingdom, and Italy.

İnatçı is also a regular contributor to the Turkish-Cypriot daily Afrika with his articles.

"Chaos", oil painting, (40 x 50 cm)

-no name-, 
oil painting, (140 x 140 cm)


"Chaos", oil painting, (40 x 50 cm)

oil painting, (40 x 50 cm)


"The nameless", oil painting, (40 x 50 cm)

''The nameless"
oil painting, (40 x 50 cm)



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