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  Sümer Erek
Sümer ErekBorn in 1959 in Limassol, Cyprus, Turkish-Cypriot artist Erek is famous for its exquisite installation works.

Critic & Curator of Art Megakles Rogakos talks of Erek:

"Erek is amongst those few artists who can inspire a whole thesis in his art; his perspective being at once cosmological and autobiographical. His work has been described as multi-disciplinary because it employs more than just aesthetics.

In Domestic Dreams of 2003 Erek actually materialises a fantasy, drawing from otherwise familiar everyday experiences. His work owes its strength and appeal to the impression of its being on the threshold, hovering between the material and the spiritual, the physical and the metaphysical, the factual and the fantastic reality of dreams."


The Bath (Sumer Erek - 2002)

"The Bath" 


"Resuscitation" (Sumer Erek, 2004)



 'Domestic Dreams' (Sumer Erek)

"Domestic Dreams"


Sumer Erek - London Biennale '04




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