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  Hal Ozsan
Hal OzsanActor/musician; born in 1976 in North Cyprus and raised in east London, UK, Halil (Hal) Ozsan's exotic good looks are made all the more charming by his roguish Cockney accent. 

He was educated at the prestigious Brentwood School (Douglas Adams-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/ Jack Straw-British Cabinet Politician) where he was by all accounts was quite a notorious character. While still at school he won the Mayor of Essex's award for a play he co-wrote/co-starred in, and was honored with a school distinction tie for Drama.

He moved to Los Angeles sometime between 1995-98 and began working as an actor almost immediately in over a dozen Guest-Starring and Recurring roles, and in independent films.

He made his break in Hollywood with the teen soap Dawson's Creek. He is currently (2003) a regular on Dawson's Creek playing the tempestuous film director Todd Carr that Dawson is protégé to.
His other films include S1m0ne (2002) with Al Pacino.

Hal is also a talented musician/singer, with influences around the indie groups such as Radiohead, Travis, Coldplay, The Stone Roses as well as singer Catherine Wheel.

He lives in Hollywood with his actress girlfriend.


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