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(Somersault in a coffin)
Dir: Dervish Zaim  - 1996,35mm,102',col.
Scenes from the film

Is it possible to somersault in a coffin? All instincts tell you no, yet Mahzun does it every day. 

By all accounts, he might as well be dead and buried: His bleak life consists of stealing cars to sleep in and catching birds for food. He'd get himself arrested, but the cops already know his scam and beat him up instead. 

Despite the impossible odds, he persists, survives, and somersaults in the coffin that is his Istanbul-a city where ancient, epic vistas share sidewalks with the downtrodden. 
The film is about the resilient human spirit's ability to balance the contrasting conditions of life and remain wildly stubborn against destructive forces.

Screenwriter-director Zaim shot the film on a shoestring, making the most of his limited resources. 
Its raw feel contributes to the gritty tale of human resistance in the face of adversity-a story of perseverance both in front of and behind the camera. 

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