Guzelyurt (Omorfo/Morphou), North Cyprus
North Cyprus  

  Municipality of Lefke was established in 1900. Lefke is  one of the 5th largest towns in North Cyprus. It is also first established municipality among the Turkish-Cypriot settlement units.

Lefke being central municipality is responsible for the services of the mentioned settlements down below:

  • Yesilyurt
  • Cengizkoy
  • Denizli
  • Gemikonagi
  • Yedidalga
  • Baglikoy
  Municipality of Lefke with has 60 employees. The municipality of Lefke is administered by head of a committee which was elected by the people of town and look after the whole needs for the people of town such as cleaning, hygiene, and provides economical services in different areas where the needs arise in general.

The municipality is subjected to be ruled once every four years with 8 elected members through the election. At the present time the head of municipality of Lefke is Mr. Mehmet Zafer. 

Lefke Council building
(photo by: Eda Kandulu)
  The Kaymakamlik (District Administrative Office)  building was built in 1938, and consist of below departments: 
  • The council of Güzelyurt which is represented in Lefke
  • Güzelyurt  District Court of Lefke
  • Agricultural Department
  • Tax Department
  • Post Office

The above departments meet the needs of the people in the area in their, own concerned fields. They also ensure that everybody is in safe and their properties are protected by law. 

  This court looks after all kinds of cases expect for criminal and family affairs. The judge who makes the decision on case comes from Güzelyurt.  

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