Turkish-Cypriot Literature
North Cyprus  

Ahmet C. Gazioglu

  Ahmet C. GaziogluJournalist, author, researcher and an expert on Cyprus question. Born in Larnaca, Cyprus in 1931, Gazioglu completed his higher education in Ankara and later specialised studied ‘Internationally Relations’ at the University of London. During his years in London he extensively researched  the collection of official documents, relating to Cyprus at the British Public Record Office, which showed a picture of intriguing and  entangling role Great Britain played in the Cypriot affairs.

Between 1954-1962 he worked as a history teacher and headmaster in Cyprus. From the start of the inter-communal fighting in 1963 he took an active role in representing the rights of the Turkish Cypriots. This has led to his exile in London from 1967 to 1973 by the Greek-Cypriot government of Makarios.

In 1983 Gazioglu established the Cyprus Research and Publishing Centre (CYREP) [Kibris Arastirma ve Yayin Merkezi], which won very soon substantial influence on the political landscape. Research work, book productions and the publication of the political magazine ‘New Cyprus’ as well as the Turkish language version of the magazine ‘Yeni Kibris’ rank among the CYREP activities.

International recognition came to Gazioglu with his publication of the English-language book titled ‘ The Turks in Cyprus, A province of the Ottoman Empire (1571-1878)’, published by K. Rüstem & Brother in London in 1990. It treats the history of the Turkish-Cypriots in the context of the international role of Cyprus during three centuries.

As commentator and a frequent guest of the Turkish-Cypriot state broadcasting corporation Bayrak Radio & Television (BRT), Gazioglu presents his own topical political discussion programme. Gazioglu has also been serving as Special Advisor for political research to the President of North Cyprus since his appointment to the post in 1990.



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