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Forget grey skies, the rain and the cold. Late atumn in north Cyprus is balmy early 20s Celsius and people still enjoy the outdoors. Temperatures start dropping to late teens (Celcius) only by mid December. You will quickly find that Cypriots love nature and outdoors. So why don’t you join us and enjoy the island riding your bicycle in the countryside, walk along almost empty beaches of Karpas, eat al fresco outdoors while back home your family and friends freeze in the cold. Perhaps you can send them a photo online to share your good times.

July-August are months also enjoyed most both by sun worshipers who flock to the beaches and those who like concerts and music for during these months Famagusta Festival as well as Bellapais Music Festival are held. Personally, as much as it is super hot for some, I love July in Famagusta's pristine beaches during the day, followed by a drink at the old town's atmospheric The Monk Inn pub on William Dreghorn Street, then head out to one of city's many local restaurant for a feast! You will soon discover that us Cypriots have a love affair with our food and love sharing it with our guests, be it dinner, lunch or simple meze. If you happen to be in Kyrenia, when the bright but hot afternoon sun gently gives way to a balmy evening there’s nothing better but to enjoy the scenic view of Kyrenia under the Tree of Idleness in Bellapais village. Or if you happen to be in the capital Nicosia's wonderful old part, simply devour the medieval atmosphere in the Büyük Han (Great Inn) with a well earned cup of Turkish coffee and a local favourite “kayik pasta” (boat cakes). You will be hooked on them in no time.

This month we bring you a special section of "Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs'ta" (Once Upon a Time in Cyprus). Sadly the articles written in this section are in Turkish only, by Cypriot columnists and writers reminiscing the good old days gone by.

Bir Zamanlar Kıbrıs'ta

At North Cyprus - we aim to bring you different aspects of life and culture of the island. In doing so we are always delighted to have this opportunity to serve you and to share with you the various aspects of life in Northern Cyprus. Of course, while nothing compares to an actual first hand visit to this corner of earth which is truly a sanctuary of unspoilt beauty, we hope that the facts you find within this site will provide you with a better understanding of the people, history, archaeology, culture, politics, economic development and environmental beauties of our beautiful and unique island.

So welcome to North Cyprus - Hoshgeldiniz!

Editor, North Cyprus Home Page

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Charming character houses old Nicosia
Houses of Old Nicosia

During the Ottoman period, the 19th century traveller Archduke Louis Salvator of Austria noticed that "Nicosia is not divided into districts in the usual sense of the word; the only divisions that could be drawn would be by the different populations of the town. The Turks for instance, occupy the parts about the Gate of Famagusta, near the mosque of Tahta Kale, and especially those between the Gates of Kyrenia and Paphos. The Greeks have chosen principally the district between the Episcopal residence and Ayia Sophia for their dwelling-place, but are also sprinkled amongst the Turkish population between the Gates of Kyrenia and Famagusta. The Armenians are mixed up everywhere with the Turks".

Turkish Cypriot Cuisine

Karpas Peninsula - Journey into Summer

Karpas, Karpasia, Karpaz, CyprusImagine a summer Sunday morning, you are walking through the beach collecting curvy seashells to add to your collection. The sun is warming your body as you witness one of the main nesting grounds of the Chelonida mydas and Caretta Caretta sea turtles in the Mediterranean. A stopover at Yeni Erenköy for a sumptuous seafood lunch at Mehmet's Place gives you the local flavour. Make sure you taste the local grilled Halloumi cheese in pita bread with tomatoes.

Turkish Coffee. Turk kahvesiIn the afternoon you must stop at Sipahi (Ayia Tria) village and walk through the olive groves, breath in the fresh air and talk to the villagers - both Turkish and Greek-Cypriots who invite you to their homes for Turkish coffee and tasting their walnut, orange and bergamot preserves. We have a saying on the island "Eat sweet, talk sweet". At the end of your day, you'll wonder when you can make the time to come back and explore the rest of Karpas landscape.


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